About Alon

Alon B.V. is a distributor of computer hardware and software and telecommunication equipment from the major international vendors.
The Company has been incorporated in the Netherlands in 2001 and has built great reputation with vendors and dealers since then. Russia and CIS countries are the primary territories of our distribution. Through the years we have built effective logistics, inventory systems and controls to ensure on time deliveries in most effective way.

Our revenues in 2017 reached USD 37mln. Actual revenues are much higher, however based on the legislation for commission activities only the commission is calculated in the total revenues.

Alon’s main strengths are as follows:
• 16 years wide experience in supplying the goods to the Russian/CIS market
• settled base of dealers who work with resellers and well known system integrators (the quantity of resellers reach 2500)
• excellent and professional understanding of the reseller’s and dealer’s requirements
• high reputation
• extended financial support by the banks wide variety of financial instruments to support the revenues growth

What can we offer to our customers:
• We work mainly with dealers who have its own network of resellers and system-integrators. By analyzing the needs of our dealers we meet their requirements, challenges and opportunities to make the business model work.
• solutions based on the wide variety of products from different vendors, leading in Telecom and IT sectors
• Flexible terms
• Effective logistics
• Attractive and competitive pricing